Why Change OUR World?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how I can take on the small task of  “saving the world” through social entrepreneurship and advocacy.


But why “save” or “change” the world? Is it broken? Does it need fixing? Or does it just need a nip and a tuck – here and there?

One thing I know – through reading this morning’s tweets, comments, posts and news – this world…my world…OUR world…needs changing. But what a humongous undertaking… seriously. How can we change an entire world filled with so much cultural, political, economic and environmental diversity? Diversity that is supposed to be beautiful, yet linked to competition, fear and annomosity.

The answer is…wait for it….one person at a time. And that one person is… me… and that other person is…you (the person reading this text right now).

So let’s ask ourselves an important question. How have I/we been treated by others lately? How did it feel?

Ok, now how have I treated others lately?

Have I thrown people into a categorical box of labels? Black, white, liberal, conservative, communist, capitalist, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim and so forth? At the end of the day, if a massive asteroid hit Earth or an international pandemic attacked OUR world would any of these labels even matter?

Before we look for a cure for Our World, let’s check ourselves. Let’s be responsible and act right…do right…treat each other right. Seriously, I’m so done with all the divisiveness driven by fear, material greed and power. Individually and collectively we as the human race can make monumental changes in and to OUR world.

Let’s treat the little time we have living in OUR world like it’s our most precious, valuable resource. It’s time to make everyday special. Let’s be kind to ourselves and everyone we share OUR World with.

Peace and love,


#togetherwecan #changeourworld


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